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Why Choose WordPress for Website Design

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Wordpress CMS platform for website developers

Why Choose WordPress for Your Website Design

Web development has come a long way since the early days of the internet. Website design now abounds with images and multimedia, slick design, and an amazing array of tools providing functionality and useability.

One major step up for website development was the advent of the Content Management System (or CMS). Occasionally these are also referred to as Website Management Systems (or WMS) as CMS functionality can extend beyond web development. Content Management Systems allow web designers much more freedom to focus on the design aspects than coding or technical aspects.

The Benefits of Using a Content Management System

It is of course possible to build websites without the need for a CMS. Websites can still be built directly in HTML (we used to do it in the olden days) however a CMS removes the need to delve into programming code quite as much.

There are a number of strong benefits to using a CMS in your next website design project;

  1. Ability to more easily manage website structure and site navigation. Structure and navigation are important for both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and end user experience reasons.
  2. Provides a streamlined process for creation and publishing of new pages, posts and content. The easier it is to get fresh content published, the better the ROI
  3. A platform to help manage digital assets and content.
  4. Allows greater consistency of layout and styling of a website.
  5. Reduces time and costs for website maintenance, including content editing.
  6. Increases the overall security of the website.
  7. Helps to reduce the unnecessary duplication of information or content on a site (good for SEO).
  8. Separation of the website development and the content management aspects involved.

We believe that a Content Management System is a necessity for building a modern website. All that is left to do is choose one…

Choosing a CMS for Web Design

There are a considerable variety of Content Management Systems available out there to help web developers when building a website. In the longer term, an easily managed CMS is also of benefit to both the business and the end users.

When selected a CMS for our website design projects we are strong supporters of open source software. Open source software is “software for which the source code is freely available and able to be inspected, modified or enhanced”.

Many website CMS platforms are based on open source principles and can be freely used in website development projects. Platforms such as Joomla (which we have used) or Magento are great examples of software used by website designers. They are free to download and install, and use to build websites.

When we build websites for our clients now however, we choose to use WordPress.

Why WordPress CMS?

Amongst the wide variety of CMS platforms out there, paid or open-source, why do we use WordPress?

Here are our primary reasons;

Open Source
First of all we choose to use WordPress because it is open source. This means that the program code is freely available and open to viewing and investigation. There is nothing hidden.

Whilst nothing on the internet from banking to military is ever fully secure, there are definite levels of security. Because it is open source and there are many people working with and on it, WordPress is well supported. The base source code is continually being looked at for bugs or security vulnerabilities. When an issue is found, they are usually fixed promptly, especially with critical security vulnerabilities.

Plugins are extensible pieces of software code that add functionality not found in the core CMS. Because WordPress is used by so many website developers, there is a large library of plugins that has built up. Most of these WordPress plugins are either free, or free with a paid license to access advanced features. There are plugins available for almost any additional functionality you could think of for your business website.

Design Potential
WordPress makes it easy to design websites. Because of the strong core system supporting the web design process, more focus can be put on aesthetics. WordPress also has a good templating system that allows quick and easy changes between different styles without effecting website functions.

WordPress Development Community
There are a lot of good WordPress designers out there (of which we are one). This means that you won’t get stuck with something that is not compatible in the long term. It also means that there is plenty of support for developers if something unexpected crops up during the design process.

Your Next Website Design Project

We believe that a great website is a central pillar that supports the marketing efforts of any business. We at Content Creative Agency can help you determine your business marketing needs. Our website designers are able to create new websites, or amend existing ones to deliver desired functionality and outcomes for your business.

We hope for your next project you would consider the use of open source software and a good CMS platform.

Please feel free to contact us if we can assist, or you would like further clarification of anything in the above post.

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