Email Marketing

We create tailored and targeted email marketing campaigns and newsletters to help you efficiently engage with, and maintain a consistent presence with, your customers.

Email Marketing delivers one of the highest return-on-investments (ROI) of any marketing method. It allows you to reach out to potential customers and stay in touch with existing ones whilst receiving valuable information about what interests them.

Email should be a key element in growing long lasting relationships with your customers. Your business is able to provide articles and offers that meet your customers needs whilst simultaneously gaining detailed information of their interests.

For any business marketing strategy, email acts as an effective delivery mechanism for your content. It is powerful as a direct one-to-one communications channel as an alternative to the benefits of social media marketing.

Our email marketing experts utilise sets of strategies, tools, design implementation and reporting all aimed at delivering the best possible outcomes for your business. We can manage all the aspects of your email campaigns so that you can focus on what you are best at; your core business goods and services.

Targeted Email Marketing Strategy

Our team will develop an email marketing strategy to target key audience segments and attract them to your business. Delivering your audience content and offers which are relevant and actionable. 

Email Marketing Campaign Management

We help you to boost your sales and profitability through careful management of your email campaigns. Delivering email that is designed to communicate your message and engage with your audience.

Email Template Design

Our Agency supplies email marketing solutions which match your business branding and are designed for excellent compliance with email platforms. This increases both your delivery and your click-through rates, thereby boosting audience interaction.

Tracking & Reporting

Reporting on aspects of your email campaigns such as delivery, click-through and conversions rates provide information to improve the ongoing accuracy of your email marketing. Know who is buying what, and when.

Our service covers all aspects of your email campaigns, from tailored content creation, email design and delivery, to analytics and reporting.

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Boost your business sales and profitability by selecting our email marketing services. Our service includes strategy, content, implementation and reporting.

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