Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows your business to centralise, manage, secure and control all forms of creative assets from images and video, to design files and finished marketing elements.

The creation of digital assets such as illustration and design files, photography, video and written content is vital for your marketing. Tracking and managing those content assets smartly can allow your business to more effectively control and leverage their usage. Our Agency can setup a suitable Digital Asset Management system to help your business secure it's valuable digital materials.

Don't remember where the marketing images are stored from the recent photoshoot? Not sure which version of an advert is the correct and authorised one? Or which edit of a video? These things and more can have a negative impact on your marketing activities.

The value of digital assets can often be overlooked with preference given to the physical assets of a business. There is considerable cost and time involved in the production of photography, videography, design, written and other materials. Additionally there is the cost to your business in lost opportunity when these marketing materials are not readily available.

Digital Asset Management systems offer a range of features to help you secure, manage, and share your creative assets. The ability to control access to files, easily search for desired assets, or share materials with third parties promotes efficiency, reliability and accountability.

Manage Content & Branding

Manage and preview all forms of content and branding from images and video, social media profiles, text content, website styling, colour palettes and more.

Access Control

Manage system users and only allow access to the assets or projects that each person requires. Track file access to know when and how assets are used or shared.

Asset Search Capability

Add keywords, metadata and categories to digital assets, as well as labels that make sense to your business. Ensure that your assets are always easy to search for and find. 

Sharing and Collaboration

Easily add different forms of digital assets together into collections. Share with other users or third parties to get feedback or comments on current projects.

Version Control

Track the current version of any asset to ensure that the most up-to-date is being utilised. Reduce the chance of outdated or incorrect information being exposed to your customers.

Make working life easier. Start transforming your marketing workflow.

Ensure the availability of your business marketing materials, and guarantee the consistency of your business messaging. Ask about our digital asset and brand management services now.

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