Content Strategy & Planning

Content Planning is focused on the long-term planning and publishing of quality content for marketing. The synchronised and timed publishing across multiple channels can deliver greater impact from each individual piece of content.

Content Planning is a combination of overall business marketing strategy with content creation objectives and targeted publishing schedules.

Constructive Content Planning provides a practical workflow for the development, production and delivery of quality content. Whilst keeping focused on the larger strategy a good plan will consider suitability of content along with business lead time. This ensures that the right content will be published at the right time for your business to benefit from.

Using a content plan to control the timing of publishing, and republishing content helps to achieve the greatest value. Additionally, managing the delivery of content across multiple channels can provide a boost to each individual channel. This helps to maximise audience response without overwhelming them with redundant messaging.

Long-term Goals

Matching content subject matter and style to your long-term marketing goals allows that content to work best for you. Content Planning provides a clear platform to sychronise your content creation and publishing with your business goals.

Content Relevance

Content Planning allows your business to create and publish content that is most relevant at any point in time. Review content intent vs business lead times to ensure that your content is published when it will have most benefit.

Synchronised Publishing 

The greatest impact can be achieved when publishing complimentary content across multiple channels, whether website, social, online or offline. Effective Content Planning ensures that each element of your content is working together to promote your business.

Maintaining a clear overview of upcoming marketing content allows your business to make the most of unforeseen opportunities. New information or time relevant content can be added to the schedule at any stage, so that it does not disrupt or reduce the impact of existing content.

Effective Copyrighting

For businesses that need work with multiple stakeholders, planning allows all parties a chance to review future content. Direct customer feedback from frontline employees can also be utilised to adjust the plan and keep content relevant and effective.

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