Content & Account Auditing

Successful business marketing requires a firm foundation to stand upon. An investigation and audit of existing marketing assets provides a starting point for marketing strategy and leads the way for business growth.

Auditing for website, content, social media and SEO

Auditing Services

Whilst new businesses start with a fresh slate for their marketing development, existing businesses often have systems, platforms and content in place. Sometimes these marketing assets and systems are not working to their full potential (or at all).

An audit will provide details on what is either currently operational or missing, and help determine the best way forward for your business marketing.  Content Creative Agency provide a variety of auditing services as shown below.

It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your existing business marketing. Working with a firm footing, your systems and programs are more likely to remain strong when needed most.

Social Media Audits

Social media can become a hindrance to your business just as easily as it can have a positive impact. Auditing your social media accounts ensures that they are set up correctly and ready to work for you.

A social media audit considers;

  • Are your social media accounts correctly setup?
  • Are the social media platforms you use suitable for your business?
  • Is all relevant important information and data in place?
  • Are your posts creating a positive effect on your audience?

Content Audits

Existing businesses can build a considerable volume of content over time. This can include website and blog pages, social media posts, visual assets such as photography and video, and more.

This content should all be working for your business and brand. A content audit helps to determine;

  • What content matches your stated business goals.
  • Differentiating between good quality, poor quality and irrelevant content.
  • Should a given piece of content be kept, amended, merged with another or deleted?
  • Is your content consistent across all marketing channels, both online and offline?

Website Auditing

Website auditing considers the more technical factors of your site such as navigation, structure and functionality. A website audit investigates whether your site has been properly configured and structured to provide your business with the most benefit.

The purpose of the website audit is to ask and clarify such questions as;

  • Is your website secure?
  • Can visitors easily navigate to the content they seek?
  • Are plugins and other functionality properly installed and configured?

Search Optimisation Audits

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your website and business gain visibility by appearing higher in online search results. An SEO audit will help identify which elements of your site need improvement in order to gain higher search rankings.

SEO audits are often run in conjunction with website and content auditing as some factors of these are considered in search optimisation as well. SEO auditing considers elements such as;

  • Website speed and load times.
  • Effective use of keywords and phrases matching business goals.
  • Optimisation of on-page web elements such as photos, graphics and written content.
  • Suitable inclusion of outbound page links and volume of quality inbound links. 

E-Commerce Listing Reviews

An e-commerce product listing review investigates whether your product listing has been effectively written and configured. E-commerce store listings not properly set up can attract fewer search results, fewer clicks and correspondingly fewer sales.

The goal of an e-commerce listing review is to ask and clarify such questions as;

  • Does your product listing contain all the relevant information for consumers?
  • Has your product listing been optimised for search results?
  • Does the configuration of your listing content match the sales platform being used?
  • Are there any other factors that can increase the visibility or clickability of your listing?

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