Brand Development

Developing a Brand is about creating a strong and consistent visual identity for your business. Customers can come to immediately recognise your business through this brand identity.

Our Agency delivers a range of Brand Development services that can help boost your business presence, and your business profitability.

Building a professional brand takes time and consistency. Once you know the direction your business will take, and you have created visual materials and your style guide, it is important to stay the course.

First impressions count. Your branding will often be the first thing a potential customer will see of your business. If done correctly, it will be something that sticks in their mind long after they have made their purchase.

By delivering a consistent look and feel to your advertising, marketing and packaging materials your customers will know what to expect. As your brand builds, they will easily be able to differentiate your products or services from your competitors. 

In the long run, this equates to more sales and a more profitable business.

Brand Development Services

Brand Positioning & Strategy

Effective branding starts with knowing your target audience and developing a branding strategy. This can include creating a mission statement, outlining the key qualities of your business, or understanding your point of difference.

Visual Identity

Building a strong visual identity is an important part of developing your brand. This starts with logo and business stationery design and includes fonts, colours and layout. It can extend to all marketing including website design, photographic styles or even uniform designs.

Business Names & Taglines

Starting with a memorable business or brand name and adding a strong tagline can make a lasting impression. We help forge a winning combination that will stick in customer's minds and become synonymous with your business.

Brand Style Guides

A Brand Style Guide becomes the instruction set for any and all future design and content production. It outlines the fonts, colours, styles and layouts for any graphic or web design. Brand Guides can also specify styles for photographic or video materials.

Brand Management & Tracking

Brand Development can be an all-encompassing process, touching upon multiple facets of a business. Completing this process without implementing the final results is wasteful. Management and tracking help brand implementation stay on target.

A recognisable brand is one of the most valuable assets a business can have.

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