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6 Ways to Easily Repurpose Your Content

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Repurposing content for multiple uses

Ways to Easily Repurpose Your Content

When you need new content, it makes perfect sense to map out your content strategy. You then create new content from scratch, and amplify that content through your channels of choice. An all-encompassing, efficient content strategy should also incorporate repurposing your best content wherever possible.

But what does that look like?

Content repurposing could be as simple as updating outdated information in blogs, or as complex as turning blogs into e-books. It can be creating an entire series from one high-performing blog post.

Not only will repurposing content save you time, it can also give you an SEO boost. By repurposing the same content in a variety of ways, you’ll have more authority on that subject. You will gain additional opportunities to target a keyword.

So, what are the best ways you can repurpose your old content in order to “sweat” your assets and make your content marketing work twice as hard in half the time? Here are a few suggestions.


1. Turn listicles into blog posts

A listicle is a blog post or article in the form of a list, made popular in recent years online due to the ease in which they are consumed and shared.

Listicles are not only highly clickable, they can also contain a wealth of information. Each point on your existing listicle can be expanded, if there is enough subject matter, and the points covered are rich enough to warrant further discussion.

If you have posted a listicle already and received a lot of queries about it, consider this possibility. If you think one point has the potential to turn into its own topic, you can do just that. You may feel one point needs further finessing. Perhaps an item has been in the media recently and you think you can add your own unique spin to it.

Tip: When expanding on a listicle, be sure to update any old blog posts with links to your new blog or blogs created from your listicle.


2. Refresh old blog posts

This is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your content. When revising older blog posts, consider whether:

  • The post is still relevant
  • Sections need to be rewritten or expanded upon to drive home a point better or more clearly
  • Old facts and information within the post need to be reviewed, to ensure they are still accurate
  • You can incorporate a stronger introduction or conclusion
  • You can change the header image or not to make the post more compelling

Be sure not to change the blog URL, particularly if the blog is getting significant traffic, as it will lose any existing SEO value. You can, however, update any old or outdated information within the post itself. According to Hubspot, you can even change the post date of your blog post and still retain the SEO value of those high-performing blog posts.

Tip: When refreshing an old blog post, be sure to update any statistics, particularly if you’re changing the post date.


3.Repurpose blog posts into social posts

Social media is an important part of every brand’s content marketing strategy. It can be an easy way to amplify your blogs and seek new audiences for your content.

Sometimes the information in a blog can be so rich, or the points so significant that they deserve their own series of social posts. When you re-read your own blogs and assess them, consider whether there are:

  • Points in your blog can be expanded upon or transformed into a funny social post or a meme
  • Fantastic images you could use which would perform well on social
  • Quotes or statistics you could pull from your blog which would make great tweets or social media tiles. If you conducted an original interview, quotes can be particularly compelling on social.


4. Reuse blog tips as an email series

If you have a listicle, or blog which contains a series of tips, add it to a section of an existing regular email marketing campaign.

Don’t worry that people have already read your content. They probably won’t remember, particularly if it’s more than a year old. When seeing it displayed in different ways, they may even resonate with it better the second (or even the third) time!


5. Create e-books from your blogs

If you have a particular blog that you feel can be turned into more of a step-by-step guide or instructional document, turn it into an e-book. You can give your e-book away free with purchases, or even use it as a lead magnet or as gated content on your website.

To create an e-book, take some of the initial content in your blog and expand upon it to create something more in-depth. Include relevant images, as well as any flow charts, step-by-step instructions, or diagrams as needed, to flesh out your e-book and ensure it is as detailed as possible. E-books can be anywhere from 8 pages to hundreds of pages, and if you produce a strong piece of content that will remain timeless, you can use it for years.

Tip: When promoting your e-book, if you’ve created a longer piece of content, make sure you include this information when asking people to download it. A “48-page e-book” on any given subject matter makes it sound as if the reader is getting a lot of value and certainly sounds worthwhile downloading, even in exchange for an email address.


6. Turn your internal data into case studies

End of campaign or end of year reports can be turned into case studies to add to your website. All you need to do is to tweak your copy so it sounds a little less formal, and you instantly have a new page on your website. If you have different reporting systems for different clients or projects, create a standardised template to input the information from various reports. Be sure to add some bright, compelling images if available.

So, what are you waiting for? You don’t always need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to your content strategy. Reusing your content is a great technique to include in your content marketing toolkit that will save you valuable time and money.

To find out more about content marketing, content creation, or to discover how to add repurposing into your content strategy, contact us today.

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