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The Importance of Keyword Research for SEO

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keyword research for search optimisation

The Importance of Keyword Research for Search Optimisation

Keyword research provides the basic data that is used in many areas of Search Engine Optimisation (or “SEO”). Without this, much of the optimisation attempted will be only guesswork.

What is a Keyword Report?

A keyword report is a researched list of words and phrases that are extremely useful for SEO.

“What is Search Engine Optimisation”, you ask (or maybe you don’t…)? Most people are familiar with search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Additional to these, there are many more smaller ones. Search Engine Optimisation is the process and techniques to refine your website and online content so that it will rank higher in search results.

The Keyword Research Process

Typically the first stage in website search optimisation is researching relevant and effective keywords and phrases. These keywords and phrases can then be used throughout the optimisation process.

The keyword research process is started using a few indicative terms describing your business, products or services. From these, it is possible to discover a whole range of variations in the exact words and phrases that people use to search for businesses like yours. Additionally, the relative frequency that each word variation is used is shown.

The data that keyword research is based upon is a compilation of the actual searches that people are making. Each search engine will manage an exclusive set of data constructed from users of its own platform. This typically happens in close to real time.

As a result, a keyword report is a constantly fluid and evolving thing. The keywords you get today may be different from those you get tomorrow. Generally you will get the same or very similar. There may be, however, longer term trends that can be worthwhile recognising.

Good keyword reports will also consider the different geographical markets that your business is active in. For example, the words and terminology that people in Australia will use for any particular search may be different to those used in the USA, or in Europe. These are due to differences in language, culture and influences.

Basic keyword research is usually undertaken with just a general overview of your business in mind. This will outline a broad brush stroke of terms used for and about your type of business. It can be extremely beneficial, however, to drill down into each individual category of product or service that you offer. This extended style report allows each unique area of your online content to be specifically search optimised.

What are the benefits of performing effective keyword research?

The knowledge gained through an effective keyword report can then be utilised across multiple areas of your business. The keywords and phrases discovered are, in general, used for many online locations to aid search optimisation techniques.

Keywords and phrases can, and should be used across all your online platforms. This includes;

Please note; some ecommerce platforms refer to keywords as different names, i.e.“tags”. These, in effect, provide the same functionality as keywords and should be used in a similar manner.

Using commonly searched-for words and phrases in website copy writing will increase the likelihood that those pages will rank higher in a search engine’s results. This is because they are the terms that potential customers are currently using. Closely matching your content to what people are searching for is obviously a good thing for your business.

There are additional benefits to a good SEO Keyword Report. A keyword report can uncover and highlight complimentary products or services that searchers are looking for. This provides the opportunity for you to develop new services and products that you know people already seek.

Also be aware that keyword reports may contain terms which are covered by intellectual property laws. It is up to yourself to determine if these will be acceptable to use when search optimising for your business. The reports only highlight terms that are being used by searchers, and are not typically filtered by any trademarks or other restrictions.

Our SEO Keyword Reports

Many keyword reports are based upon a single data source. Our SEO Keyword Reports are created based upon data amalgamated from multiple search engines and other data sources. This increases their accuracy and relevance.

Our SEO Keyword Reports also include location data during the research process. This provides words and phrases that will more closely align with your target market(s) and aid in your search optimisation.

To arrange for an SEO Keyword Report for your business, or to speak with us about how our marketing services can help you, please contact us.

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