Written Content Creation

The creation of written content is the foundation for your business marketing efforts. Our team of content experts understand the variations of writing style and how they can achieve your goals.

We specialise in creating written content across multiple publishing styles in order to match your marketing objectives. All aspects of writing are covered from conceptualisation and planning, through editing and Search Engine Optimisation, to output for publishing.

Our focus is providing targeted written content that compliments visual elements and drives your business message to your customers. Our goals is in achieving positive results through delivering your marketing message, on time, and on budget.

We have an extended team of researchers and writers that have knowledge and expertise across a wide variety of industries. This allows us to develop tailored content for a diverse range of subject matter, across many styles of writing.

Long-Form Content Writing

Long-form writing contains much of the informative content of your business and marketing. This includes articles and white-papers, websites and email newsletters, brochures and advertising . All our written content is optimised for ongoing engagement and SEO.

Short-Form Written Content

Short-form writing is designed to attract notice. It is quick updates, or as a lead-in to more detailed long-form content. Short-form written content can include material for social media campaigns, headline writing, comments, reviews and Q&A topics. 

Website Content

Getting your website content right is vital for your overall business marketing. Website written content is usually a mixture of both long and short-form styles. It is also aimed at complementing the visual style and design of your website to achieve the greatest impact.

Specialised Content

There are other forms of non-visual written style content that may be suitable for your business marketing. Audio formats such as podcasts or audio versions of existing articles, interviews, and polls and surveys are beneficial content styles.


Creating engaging, effective and relevant written content is our specialty. We write content for a wide variety of industries and subject matter.

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